Connect. Resolve. Collaborate.

We make it easier for people and teams to resolve workplace differences and in the process, equip them with skills to build collaborative, productive working relationships into the future.

Wherever they are..

From small business to large corporates, across industries from hospitality to IT, we provide mediation, conflict resolution and collaboration tools and services specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian workplaces.

Our unique and cost effective approach ensures that we deliver resolution strategies for today’s increasingly digital, mobile workplace and always leave our clients with simple and effective strategies they can use in their work, when we are gone.

Whether there are differences between two individuals, or an entire team is having trouble working effectively together, we partner with our clients to connect the right people, resolve the issues and help them build habits of collaboration.

We are the Australian experts in working with distributed teams and remote workers - those who interact regularly via email, chat, phone, video or other online collaboration platforms – to resolve conflict and improve outcomes, wherever they are.

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Workplace Mediations

Connect – Resolve – Collaborate: Launching our new website!

Hello and welcome to our refreshed website!  We are thrilled to launch this new site and want to give kudos to our website designers and our colleagues who have provided feedback and support along the way. AWM has been supporting people and teams since 1999, to resolve workplace differences and equip them with skills to…

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Team conflict Flame email

When LOL meant Laugh out Loud or…does your co-worker really get what you mean?

It was once said that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Attribution debatable. Whoever said it – they were on the money! Ping, Post, IM, Slack, Whats – appening? We’ve been communicating in the workplace using text based mediums for a very long time now. The evolution…

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Team conflict

Lessons on team harmony from THE BOSS

So I am a bit of a fan of the rock n’ roll autobiography and would thoroughly recommend the latest addition to the canon of musings from the legends of rock, from one Mr Bruce Springsteen.  Keith Richards’ bio was an entertaining and esoteric stream of consciousness, Neil Young’s was both bizarre and beautiful and…

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