About Us

Our goal is to enable people and teams we work with to resolve workplace differences and equip them with skills to build collaborative, productive working relationships into the future.  With 15 years supporting our clients across the private and public sector, including in finance, health, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, emergency services, education, not-for-profit, local, state and federal government agencies, we have built a reputation as credible, experienced practitioners with a keen sense of contemporary organisational challenges.

As HR and IR practitioners, we knew people in organisations were dealing with similar issues across the board.  Have you ever found yourself..

  • constantly discussing and resolving issues that seem to come up time and time again?
  • responsible for handling a case of an employee accusing others of bullying on Facebook?
  • in ongoing arguments with another department or team?
  • angry, stressed and on edge due to decisions made by your co-workers?
  • on the losing end of a costly court case involving a workplace issue?
  • locked in a damaging turf battle with a colleague?
  • in the midst of negotiations on workplace issues that seem to go around in circles?

We have been there too and thought many times - there must be a better way to deal with differences and conflict in the workplace. With that in mind, Australian Workplace Mediations was established in 1999.

We are the Australian experts in working with distributed teams and remote workers - those who interact regularly via email, chat, phone, video or other online collaboration platforms – to resolve conflict and improve outcomes, wherever they are.  Our unique approach ensures that we deliver for today’s increasingly digital, mobile workplace and always leave our clients with simple and effective strategies they can use in their work, when we are gone.