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Our team is comprised of a mix of experienced mediators and dispute resolution practitioners who have backgrounds as seasoned Human Resources or Employee Relations professionals - all with demonstrated experience working with teams and individuals to enhance collaboration and to improve working relationships.

Particularly when you are dealing with brittle working relationships, you want steady, calm hands to assist to navigate the path to resolution. Our team have the runs on the board in assessing the issues, identifying the most effective mechanisms to resolve issues and supporting the parties to achieve resolution and agreed ways of working for the future.

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Tanya Wilson


Workplace Mediator - Collaboration Coach - HR/ER Leader

BEc/LLB, MA Conflict Resolution (NMAS Accredited Mediator)  Linkedin:     Twitter:

As a Co-Founder of Australian Workplace Mediations, Tanya believes in the power of conversation to transform working relationships for the better, because she has seen it happen over and over again.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a Mediator and HR/ER Leader and Business Partner within large corporates, Tanya leverages her knowledge of the Australian employment landscape to assist people and teams to connect, resolve their differences and forge ahead in a more collaborative way.  She is genuinely fascinated by all the different kinds of work people do and aims to support people in making their work-life rich, rewarding and sustainable.

A nationally accredited Mediator (NMAS), Tanya has led specialist HR teams delivering services to large workforces nationally and in Asia, including being a respected member of HR leadership teams.  She has a strong background in Employee Relations/Industrial Relations, communications, policy and project management of large scale change initiatives.  Her qualifications include a Law degree, Economics Degree and Masters in Conflict Resolution & Mediation, in addition to ongoing professional development and certification in the fields of negotiation, mediation and employment law.  These strong credentials across the disciplines of conflict resolution and employment give Tanya a unique perspective and ability to quickly assess issues in a workplace and recommend the most effective paths to resolution.

As the workplace changes at a rapid rate with advances in technology, Tanya has recognised the impacts this has on the way we communicate and get work done in a world of distributed and virtual teams, remote and regional workers, freelancers, the gig economy and the more widespread use of online platforms as a means of collaboration.  She brings this understanding to the work she does in coaching, mediation and facilitation in order to provide relevant and powerful strategies and tools to people and teams.  Tanya is known by clients for her clear, pragmatic approach coupled with a keen awareness of the broader employment framework.