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We provide one-to-one and team-based coaching/training which is focussed on building skills and learning strategies to firstly deal constructively with conflict situations, and then to move beyond this, to achieve collaboration.  The nature of work is more interdependent than ever. In 2016, the Harvard Business Review contended that time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities had ballooned by at least 50% over the past two decades.

Being able to navigate conflict and constructively deal with differences of opinion, approach and style are critical skills to be learned and practised in today’s working environment.

Conflict does not have to be a negative experience - it is actually quite a natural and almost inevitable consequence of bringing a group of people together.  There are always differences of opinion and competing interests.  If we can harness and manage these differences, powerful synergies are possible.  Our view is that conflict management and collaboration are two points on the same spectrum.

We provide coaching to individuals who are experiencing challenges within their own working relationships and also to line managers, supervisors, executives and HR professionals who are tasked with managing a team that is experiencing conflict and/or poor collaboration.

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