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Our unique models of Workplace Mediation and Facilitated Discussion have been specifically designed for the Australian workplace and are proven, effective processes that make it easier for people in conflict to agree to lasting solutions, with the support of a skilled, neutral professional.

Following our Intake process, Mediation or Facilitated Discussion may be the recommended process in seeking resolution.  The benefits of these processes are well documented and evidence shows the vast majority of employees say they have benefited from the process, irrespective of the outcome.

For employers, Mediation or Facilitated Discussion represent a cost effective and inclusive option to try to resolve issues before they become more entrenched, or require legal intervention.

Workplace Mediation and Facilitated Discussion are very similar processes and both are normally voluntary and confidential, allowing the people involved to fully participate in a genuine and constructive manner.

A Facilitated Discussion is an extremely adaptable and useful process to support individuals and teams to work through both interpersonal and operational/process issues and decisions during one discussion.

AWM conducts Workplace Mediations and Facilitated discussions in person, by phone or online video conference and online via text based platforms.  Participants may range from two individuals to a large group.

We work hard to ensure that, whatever the outcome, participants learn new strategies and practices they can use to improve collaboration and effectiveness in their face-to-face and online interactions, well after we are gone.

See FAQs for more information about the Mediation/Facilitated discussion process, benefits and the role of the Mediator or Contact us now for a discussion about the options available.