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An independent team assessment (or even a workplace investigation) can be an effective process to help understand and address problems between employees.  While we would advocate attempting Workplace Mediation or Conflict Coaching first in many instances, there are times when evaluation by an independent third party may be the most appropriate response to a conflict issue within the workplace.

Following our initial Intake Process, it may be recommended that an independent, preliminary assessment be undertaken of the issues in dispute or of an employee complaint.  In other circumstances, a team assessment may be suitable to ascertain the anonymous views of a team and those they interact with, in order to formulate recommendations for improvement without trying to attribute blame or disciplinary sanctions.

Finally, a formal workplace investigation may be required, to make findings regarding allegations of misconduct or serious breaches of policy.

AWM consultants are highly skilled and experienced in conducting Preliminary Assessments, Team Assessments and Workplace Investigations.  Our consultants have strong backgrounds in employee relations, employment law, HR policies and procedures and frequently take instructions directly from an organisation’s legal advisors in particular matters.

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